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Water Purification Services

TEKKON has been supplying huge quantities of water treatment chemicals and chlorine tanks and cylinders to Iraq since 2004.

Highlights of this service are;

  • TEKKON provides
    • aluminium sulphate, manufactured in Turkey by DOSTEL or in Ukraine by COAGULANT.
    • chlorine gas, and caustic soda flakes manufactured in Turkey by KORUMA.
    • tanks that contain the chlorine gas, manufactured in Turkey by BURSAN.
    • polymers manufactured by CIBA.
  • The material is transported to the destinations requested by the client by land, railways and sea.
  • TEKKON has supplied chemicals to more than 17 water treatment plants all across Iraq.

  • TEKKON maintains a warehouse in Erbil (Hawler) to make these critical materials readily available upon request and to smoothen the supply levels of these materials. Materials are being stocked and delivered to destinations per the program. The warehouse was designed for a safe operation and is furnished with technical tools.
  • Thanks to so many years of work experience with Army Corps of Engineers, TEKKON has developed a very high SAFETY awareness in all of its operations.
  • The transporting trucks are suitable for the goods transported, with drivers trained in the transportation of chlorine gas. 65 kg chlorine cylinders are transported in vertical position and 1-ton tanks in horizontal position, all capped and secured in place with appropriate setting.
  • The tanks and cylinders are manufactured by BURSAN, a very reputable company who holds TUV and NFPA memberships. All the products are tested before delivery.
  • The chlorine tanks and the cylinders will be inspected for safety at each filling and caps secured with waxed stamp to ensure the originality during transportation till the usage.


  • High Pressure Gas Cylinders & Cryogenic Tanks
    • Seamless Steel Compressed Gas Cylinders
    • Welded Cylinders & Tanks & Chlorine Tanks
    • Cryogenic Liquid (LIN-LAR-LOX) Tanks