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Sika Iraq Distributorship

A recognized world leader in specialty construction chemicals and products specifically engineered for the concrete industry, Sika has been answering the needs of producers and contractors since 1910. With an international network of marketing and production companies, Sika now operates in 70 countries around the world.

Sika's product line includes concrete admixtures, sealants, adhesives, corrosion inhibitors, specialty mortars, epoxy resins, structural strengthening systems, grouts, anchoring adhesives, overlays, and protective coatings.

Sika is a company with a strong innovative tradition, constantly striving for new levels of excellence. This means developing innovative technologies that will open up new opportunities for the company, its employees, and its partners in trade and industry.

The reputation of Sika for quality and reliability is virtually unmatched. TEKKON Engineering Co. Ltd. is authorized by SIKA Construction Chemicals as its Iraq distributor since 11th April 2004. TEKKON has established its Iraq branch, with its office, showroom and warehouse located in Arbil. Further, TEKKON has agents in Baghdad, Mosoul and Duhok. Through local experience, TEKKON is rapidly developing business relationships across Iraq.

The contact details for TEKKON Sika Arbil Office are as follows:

TEKKON Sika Arbil Office and Showroom
100m Street, Tekkon Group Building
Across Ground Water Directorate
Family Mall
Arbil, IRAQ
Tel:+964 750 383 88 91
Hana Ganjo
E-mail: hana@tekkongroup.com