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As our globe gets smaller and smaller with the improving transportation and communicational means, the route between the market and the manufacturer is ever more direct, resulting in a very positive consumer awareness, a higher concept of quality and an increased demand for product differentiation and varieties.

Parallel to this change, Turkey has also undergone a very drastic transformation from an agricultural economy into an industrialized one with a very strong investment policy to increase the production capacity. However, one cannot overlook the shortage of marketing efforts with insufficient know-how and educated human resources. Thus ;

Our company policy is to contribute to the efforts in marketing Turkish products to the world markets in an increasing pace. In doing this, contributing to the social and economic level in our country is a very high driving force, besides the company's interest.

Therefore, our goal is ;

To achieve utmost customer satisfaction by serving flawlessly, thus be a pioneer in the sector of marketing the export quality of Turkey.

To reach this goal, our method is;

  • To provide our customers with the advantage of competitive prices
  • To work only on projects which are realistic and achievable for all parties involved
  • To provide timely and highest-quality services in compliance with national and international standards and regulations
  • To make best use of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system throughout our operations
  • To take advantage of high technology
  • To encourage the team spirit of our employees and help them improve themselves with continuous in-house training policy
  • To urge our suppliers in working with the same goals

R. Cengiz Atalay