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About Tekkon

TEKKON Engineering, Construction, Trade and Industry Co. Ltd. is a Turkish company based in Ankara, Turkey, licensed under Ankara Chamber of Commerce with registration number 27/8137, tax ID 8360067860. TEKKON is also a member of CENTRAL ANATOLIA EXPORTERS UNION and ISTANBUL MINERAL & METAL EXPORTERS UNION.

TEKKON has long years of experience working for US Army Corps of Engineers. With good reputation and large know-how in the application of environmental technologies, design and construction of waste and water treatment plants, TEKKON also is well-known as the authorized distributor and supplier of water and waste treatment chemicals, chlorine tanks and cylinders in Turkey and Iraq. Services in these fields are acknowledged by eligibility from UNICEF and UNDP.

TEKKON also gives procurement services for projects with its local market experience on construction materials.

TEKKON has been acting as the Sika Construction Chemicals Distributor for IRAQ since 11th April 2004.